This event will take place at the Entertainment Stage. The competition falls under Leisure.


We’koqma’q Entertainment Grounds

We'koqma'q, NS

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Category Competition Type Age Range
Youth (Male & Female) Judged by Style 8-12
Youth (Male & Female) Judged by Style 12-18
Senior Female Judged by Style 19+
Senior Male Judged by Style 19+
Senior Iron Women Elimination 19+
Senior Iron Men Elimination 19+

General Rules

Athletes will be judged by their style in one song. If a tie has been reached, then the tied athletes will begin a second round.

Iron women and Iron man will dance until they can no longer dance, then the last one standing will be named the winner.

Competition Format

Based on entries.


Provided by the Host Community.

Kojua Coordinator

Miranda Gould
Phone: 902-549-2224
E-mail: miranda.gould@srce.ca